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About Us

At RG Meds Booking, we guarantee to enhance your beauty and transform your body and life. We provide personalized advice and work with experienced plastic and cosmetic surgeons who uphold the highest quality standards. Our international patients have a unique experience, receiving top-notch care in the best clinics in the country, with a focus on postoperative care for successful results.


We understand the importance of peace of mind and comfort during the process, which is why we provide accommodation in luxurious recovery hotels with excellent on-site services and a healthy diet.

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Your experience with us

On Day 1, our driver will meet you at the airport and escort you to our 5-star Luxury Recovery Suites. Our team will handle your accommodation, surgery, and transportation for medical appointments.


On Day 2, we will accompany you to your doctor's appointment for a personal evaluation and to address any concerns or questions you may have regarding your surgery, including financial matters.


On Day 3, our driver will transport you to the clinic for a pre-anesthetic evaluation and any necessary pre-surgery tests.


On Day 4, our driver will pick you up from the Luxury Recovery Suites and ensure you arrive at the clinic at least 1 hour before the surgery. The same driver will then transport you back to the Luxury Recovery Suites.


From Day 5 to Day 14, you will have scheduled appointments with our doctors to monitor the progress of your healing and ensure everything is going smoothly.



On Day 15, during the final follow-up, the doctor will evaluate the success of the procedure and determine if you are ready to travel home. They will also provide instructions for follow-up appointments in the upcoming months.


On Day 16, once you receive medical approval for travel, we will arrange transportation to the airport for your flight. You can safely return to your home country, celebrating the successful outcome of your surgery.

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Our Procedures 

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We provide custom packages.

Our packages are tailored to your unique needs and preferences, offering a wonderful way to cater to your specific requirements.

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